At EHS Training, we believe that adding value to your organisation should be our ultimate goal, and we have developed two options to achieve this  requirement.

In-House Courses and Workshops are designed to cover the topics of the public courses, but with a focus on your own company’s legal strategy and obligations. These tailor-made courses and workshops allows you to gain an insight in how your own operations measures up to legal standards.

In-house courses and workshops are presented off-site at our selection of quality venues.

On-Site Courses and Workshops offer you a less expensive solution in that we make use of your training venue, and you arrange for any catering if required. The course / workshop content is the same as an in-house event. However, we know from experience that delegates are always interrupted during on-site events to attend meetings and other management needs. This is not the ideal environment to achieve maximum results and we do not recommend this if you are not committed to the development of your management team.