Health & Safety Management For Municipal Engineering Managers

The municipal engineer works to make the city a civilised place to live, work and play. They do this through the management of a wide range of infrastructure, acting as the link between the citizen and politicians.

Municipal engineers also play an important role in the checking of structures for compliance with Building Regulations. Similarly, work is carried out in the public realm, improving the streetscape in conjunction with landscape specialists and architects. In coastal areas there is a significant workload both in renewing sea defences and in the on-going maintenance of these structures.

Although the technical principles of civil engineering are well established, municipal engineers must continue to develop their knowledge of health and safety, especially as it applies to facilities that are directly used by the general public. The technical management of public liability is a major risk that all public bodies actively consider.

In this 3 day workshop we look at the various pieces of legislation relating to both Public and Occupational Health & Safety and the Environment that places the municipal engineer at risk. From Roads and Storm water to the Distribution of Electricity, the proliferation of statutory requirements range from National to Local governmental level, and work still needs to be performed within the confines of the Municipal Finance Management Act and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act.

What will be covered

  • Introduction to the EHS legal framework
  • General Machinery and the Engineer
  • Electrical Machinery
  • Construction & Infrastructure Development
  • Public Health Laws and service delivery
  • Traffic Management
  • Fire Risk Management
  • Municipal By-Laws
  • The link between Asset Management and Health & Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness & Disaster management
  • Sport and Public Events
  • Developing an OHS Budget