Contractor Management & the New Construction Regulations


This 3 day Masterclass looks to apply the new Construction Regulations 2014 to effective Contractor Management.

The Construction Regulations 2014 was promulgated on 7 February 2014, setting the tone for a new approach to Health & Safety in the built environment. Not only does it place more direct duties on Principal Contractors, but also puts more emphasis on Client involvement in the risk management functions of the construction process. Driven by the Department of Public Works, the Council for the Built Environment and the Department of Labour, a number of new professionals are set to emerge from the changes, as Health & Safety Practitioners will have to be registered with the South African Council for Construction and Project Management Professions.

The focus moves from the historical to the innovative as new concepts such as Design Risk Management are introduced from the start of a Construction Project. A few minor changes created challenges in most industries, not necessarily falling in the Construction sector.


Key Workshop objectives

  • To gain understanding of the laws that regulate contractual relationships in business,
  • To gain understanding of the elements of a comprehensive vendor management system,
  • To learn how to see the unknown performance indicators,
  • To understand the management functions and contractor response,
  • To develop non-performance remedies to ensure adherence,
  • To learn how Construction regulations can aid in the selection of the perfect project team.


Who must Attend:

  • Directors,
  • Board Members
  • Construction Managers
  • Architects and Engineers
  • General Management
  • Divisional Management
  • Corporate Risk Managers,
  • Compliance Officers & Administrators
  • Property Developers
  • Interior Designers
  • Sheq Managers/Directors
  • Health & Safety Consultants

Program details:

Day 1

  • Introduction to the legal system governing construction contracts and regulations
  • Discussing the difference between independant contractors, service providers and construction contractors in the management of “sub-contracts”
  • Examining the principles of Contractor Management


Day 2

  • Introduction to Vendor Management systems
  • Discussing key challenges in pre-qualification of contractors
  • Examining the forms of contract for risk mitigation
  • Discussing the role and duties of the Project Manager in contractor management


Day 3

  • Introduction to the Construction Regulations 2014
  • Discussing the role of the Designer
  • Discussing the role of the Health & Safety Agent
  • Key challenges in the creation of joint liability in the new regulations